Affordable Family Camping Tents

Some people looking for a family camping tent find that many of the tents they come across give them a sticker shock. Keep in mind, if you're not going to pull the tent out any more than the average family (once or twice a year) then you certainly don't need the best equipment. Who wouldn't want top of the line equipment if you didn't have to take out a second mortgage on your house? Sure it would be nice to have the best, but most of us operate on a budget. Fortunately we have plenty of family tents to choose from at affordable prices.

Don't forget that you get the quality that you pay for, so remember that the cheapest tent you can find might leave you wet and miserable on your camping trip. I believe it has hard to beat Coleman Tents and Eureka Tents for their quality and affordability that they offer. Both offer many styles and different levels of camping tents for you to choose from. Even their discounted camping tents will be sufficient and give you the longevity you expect out of a tent while not leaving you soaked to the bone. Some of the larger family tents they offer are the Eureka Pine Lodge, Eureka Copper Canyon, and the Coleman Sundome. You might even be able to find some of these tents in camping tent packages if you are starting from scratch. These are complete packages that have all the camping equipment you will need for your next trip. Both brands offer quality tents at affordable prices in any variation of camping tent you might need. They will all leave you warm, dry, and happy on your next trip and you will still have enough money left over for any activities you might want to participate in.

A general rule of thumb when looking at all the family camping tents is to get a well known brand that has been proven and you shouldn't have any problems. Any well known tent or one of the tents I listed above will serve your family well and provide years of service with proper care. Next time you look for a camping tent, leave the cheapest one on the shelf and check out Coleman and Eureka tents and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Chris Graham is an editor for a website that offers family camping tents and discounted camping tent packages A portion of all proceeds of CG Camping benefits children's charities.