Cabin Stain - Exploring Corn Cob and Glass Bead Blasting for your Cabin Stain Project

The re-staining process takes a significant amount of time thanks mostly to the large amount of prep work that has to go into every log home before the cabin stain process even begins. Not only does this process take time, it can also involve nasty chemicals that are used to clean your old log cabin to prep it for the fresh coat of cabin stain. But new technologies are allowing for a quicker and more environmentally friendly blasting of your old long cabin. These new techniques involve corn cob and glass bead blasting.

When you are faced with the task of sanding down an old log cabin so that fresh cabin stain can be applied, you must remove all of the old stain, as well as any old finish that is on the outside of your log cabin. It is absolutely vital that you create a fresh seal so that the logs don't denigrate any further. In the past, the logs were pressure washed with a formula that contained many harmful chemicals. Not only was this procedure harmful to the surrounding environment, it also took significant time to dry before the cabin staining process could begin. With corn cob and glass bead blasting, an environmentally friendly, and dry alternative is now available.

This technology is so new, in fact, that large parts of the United States and Canada don't even have companies that offer this service, yet, but as word spreads about the amount of time corn cob and glass bead blasting saves, you can bet that more and more companies will offer it. Not only will you save valuable time not having to wait for the logs on your cabin to dry before a fresh coat of cabin stain can be applied, the glass beads or corn cob pieces that are used to sand away the top layer of your logs are completely biodegradable. And isn't that why you chose to live in a log cabin, after all: to be closer to nature, not to harm it.

If you are looking for a fast, safe and revolutionary way to save time refurbishing a log cabin in your area so that you can apply a new coat of cabin stain sooner rather than later, check out corn cob and glass bead blasting as an environmentally friendly way to save time and save chemicals simultaneously.

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