Cottage Keepsake

Do you want to create something memorable for a customer or a friend? Something they can look at over the winter months when they are back into reality? Try painting, drawing, quilting, sewing, whatever your passion... create a cottage portrait or keepsake for them.

Start with people you know or know of, and ask if they would like the idea of a keepsake from their great holidays at their cottage?... Most likely the answer will be yes.

If painting is your passion, then why not step it up another notch, and paint their cottage portrait on a old saw blade, old wood, or stone.. or why not frame a painting or drawing with driftwood, or some sort of treasure from around the cottage.

IF quilting or sewing is your passion, then you could create a patchwork quilt of the cottage or beach or woods around it... use your imagination, use old fabrics from the cottage, old table cloths etc, This would be the perfect opportunity to get yourself invited to the cottage! You need to take pictures, and look around for treasures that can be used in your project.. Maybe a collage from small objects around the cottage?..

I always found the best place to look for surfaces to paint on, would be the storage shed or garage of a cottage, especially one that is older and has been in the family for a number of years. There is always SOMETHING around that can be made into a keepsake. I once painted on an old broken paddle, an old saw blade, a plank of wood from the original part of the cottage that had been replace and stuffed in the shed. You will find something if you look hard enough, and depending on your crafting passion, come up with a creation for a great cottage keepsake that can be enjoyed and looked at with fond memories of a great holiday at the cottage!

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