Have Freedom With The Cottage Theme

If you are looking for a simple design that you can use to help to keep the house looking good and create a feeling of fun and relaxation. With this simple design you do not to be afraid of what will happen to the furniture or minor scratches. This is because you will want this to happen so you can more fully create the cottage feel and atmosphere of the home. You want your home to look as if it is lived in and enjoyed, not a place that you will keep under glass and observation.

Create The Atmosphere

The whole purpose of the cottage look is to create the atmosphere of a home that is lived in; one of where the children will relax and enjoy each other and not a place of constant observation and fear of doing something wrong. In many cases this is a place where you feel like you are living and not entering a furniture showroom. You will want to use furniture that has a sense of life to it and makes you feel welcome and invited not something that screams do not sit on me. Usually cottage furniture almost has a look of secondhand or slightly used to it. There is nothing wrong with this as it builds character for the room and the home.

You Have Freedom

When you decide to go with a cottage style theme for your home or room you will have a freedom of not being restricted in what you do. There are many options and lay outs to work with as well as the ability to mix and match all different types of items to create the room that you want and not necessarily what is defined as conventional. In this type of design you can create and mix and match, old with new while using antique and brand new.

In this type of design and theory you will have all types of furniture designs, fabrics and floorings to choose from. This is because in essence anything goes when it comes to cottage design. In many cases you will be able to find something to do with some old fabric as opposed to using the brand new furniture that you will be purchasing. So have fun with what you do and as long as you like who cares what anyone else thinks of what you are doing.

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