Log Cabins For Christmas and Extra Income

Log cabins may not be the first item you would think of putting on your Christmas wish list, but if you have your parents, in-laws, aunts, uncles and numerous children descending on you over the Christmas period, a log cabin used as a guest room could give you the extra space you need for your guests.

To determine what sort of log cabin will suit you, there are a few questions that need to be answered:

How much space do you have for a log cabin?

Unless you have a garden the size of a postage stamp, there should be a log cabin to suit you. Many log cabins are designed for smaller gardens where space is limited, and if space is not an issue, you could have a log cabin the size of a small house with two storeys.

Who will use your log cabin?

If young and old alike are to use your log cabin, it would be best to have a log cabin with a double door entrance so prams and wheelchairs can be easily accommodated.

What is your budget?

Small log cabins start at about 600 and can run into thousands for very large log cabins with all the extras - such as a veranda, double-glazing, window shutters, window boxes, etc. A good log cabin company will stock log cabins to suit all budgets.

Which type of log cabin should you choose?

Log cabins usually come in a high-quality DIY kit form. The log cabin kits come in a variety of wall thickness, ranging from 28mm to 45mm and are normally made from pre-cut, pre-notched, tongue and grooved kiln dried timbers for quick assembly. Shopping online is a good place to look for log cabins as they display a range of designs, provide details about each log cabin, and are often cheaper than garden centres or DIY stores.

Who is going to build your log cabin?

For some people, the idea of erecting their own log cabin is met with delight and enthusiasm, and it can be a rewarding and satisfying experience. Most log cabins only require quality basic tools, for example: a drill, hammer, screwdrivers, and a level and good log cabins come with detailed building instructions to guide you all the way. For other people, the idea of erecting their own log cabin is, well, abhorrent! The best option would be to find a local builder, or the log cabin company could recommend one for you.

Once your log cabin is built, the only problem you'll have are your relatives fighting over who is going to stay in it!

When Christmas has been and gone, instead of leaving your log cabin empty, collecting spider webs and dust, it could earn you money as bed and breakfast accommodation. Who could resist staying overnight in a rustic yet modern accommodation? And tax-wise, a B&B can prove to be very beneficial as a home based business. However, before you start, you should check with your local planning authority, as you'll be changing your home from residential to business. If you think a B&B would be too much work, you could rent it out to a lodger, so you would have a steady income every week/month. If you own freehold property, you will need to inform your insurers about a lodger, and if you have a mortgage, you may need permission from your mortgage lender.

Log cabins may not be what most people would choose as a Christmas present, but there aren't many gifts that provide additional space for the home, and a way to earn extra income.

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