Ontarios New Cottage Country

Cottage Country has traditionally been the Muskoka area. Close to Toronto with lakes, trees, and a picturesque quality, Ontarians have been flocking there in the summer months for years. The popularity of the area has caused a dramatic increase in the cost of properties there. Some cottages are listing for over a million dollars! This is making cottage country out of reach for many who canít afford to pay the hefty prices.

This has led to a discovery by some in Southern Ontario of the beauty and affordability of the north. Here cottages and homes can be had at much lower prices with the same water access and beauty of the traditional Cottage Country areas. Cities, such as Elliot Lake, are becoming popular places for second homes.

Elliot Lake is a city boasting many of the conveniences of other small cities but with the added benefits of snowmobile and ATV trails that go right through the town and out to some of the most beautiful scenery that Ontario has to offer. The hiking trails, often used for biking as well, are excellent and visited by outdoors enthusiasts from around the world! And, of course, the area is famous for itís many lakes used for fishing, swimming, boating, and more.

Are you looking for a second home? With internet and cable availability, but also close to pristine lakes and hiking trails? Or maybe a cottage? Donít have a million to spend?

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Debra is a Realtor in Elliot Lake Ontario, Canada. She loves her job and spending time outdoors with her young daughter.

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