Tent Camping With Family

I started tent camping with my family at a very early age. It started out one summer I was about five years old and I still remember mom and dad packing the camping tent and all the other supplies into the small four door sedan that we had. We were off to Yosemite for a week of tent camping under the giant trees.

What a great thing this was for us! Your first experience tent camping is quite a powerful one for kids. You are so inundated with new sites and smells and sounds you hardly know what to do with yourself. There is always the long drive to deal with, witch has gotten no better over the years. This is just the anticipation of the adventures to come. When I was little my sister and I used to count Volkswagens to pass the time in the car.

Once you reach you destination that's where the fun begins! Now it's time to set up camp. Helping dad set up our camping tent for the first time was interesting to me. At first I couldn't grasp how this pile of poles and material could possibly turn into anything we could sleep in. Dad would say hand me that pole or give me that spike and before I knew it the tent took shape. This was very cool to me! Now that you have set up your camp witch is going to be your home base for the duration of your trip its time to explore the incredible sites around you. I had never been tent camping so I had never seen hiking trails or big boulders to climb on before. All I can say is wow! This was like the biggest playground in the world to me. I couldn't get enough of everything around me and the week was gone before I knew it. I couldn't wait for the next time we could go tent camping.

There's no way I can describe how important that first camping trip was to me. It had an incredible impact on my soul then, and it never went away. I still use my camping tent every month and when I'm not using it I'm thinking about the next time I will, and where I will go. Going tent camping is a great thing for your kids. It will teach them how to work together as a team and how to interact with nature. When you see your child's reaction when they are out in the great wide open, it will be something you and your children will never forget!


Michael Schwartz, Owner, for camping tents and camping equipment

Source: www.isnare.com