Things I Like To Do In Bournemouth

Bournemouth is a really excellent place to go to for surprise, surprise the beach and the chips. I know most people go on about the Fantastic clubs, the International Centre, The Bournemouth eye, The Oceanarium, the Great Pubs and Restaurants.

Its doesn't seem long ago that you could just drive down from where ever you were after work, park up and wander down to the beach with a bottle of wine, fish and chips from Harry ramsdens and then sit in the sand with the one you love and watch/listen to the sea. I know in this day and age of hustle and bustle, we are constantly battered by filling our lives with stuff to do, but just the simple act of stopping and enjoying the sea in a place that is still within the bounds of a busy city has a real magic to it.

The gulls have a tendency to fly down and keep you company but if you ignore them they'll leave you alone. As the sun goes down along with the wine and the food, its great to just wander along the beach and people watch. Normally in the evenings on the beach its fairly quite, you can wander along without anyone bothering you, just other people enjoying their own space or company. At one point the council where putting on fireworks displays every week to classical music which gave things a real touch of quality.

Because Bournemouth is a University town there is a real energy around the streets, with young and old mixing together as they come from the pubs and the restaurants. The young and some of the more adventurous adults go off to their taste in clubs. And the rest of us either drive home (obviously if ive been drinking I don't drive ) or I stay in one of the many great Bournemouth hotels that you find around Bournemouth.

The local hotels that I've stayed at have been very friendly with some really great food (admittedly I love traditional breakfasts sausage, bacon, egg, and a nice hot cup of fresh coffee).

Alas now I have to spoil the etheric feel of this moment by saying I also love shopping in Bournemouth it has some, fantastic outlets. The road you most want to check out is Westover road which has locally become known as the 'bond street' of Bournemouth. It has some fantastic boutiques with small of shoots leading you to diverse little shops the street has trees along its length making you feel embraced by the warmth of Bournemouth.

If you are looking for a Bournemouth Hotel then why not try the Avalon Beach Hotel, or as an alternitive why not try a bed & breakfast bournemouth hotel like the Balincourt.