Tips for Getting the Most from Beach House Rentals

For more than twenty years, my family has planned a beach trip for each year. We always try to get adjoining hotel rooms so that we can walk back and forth and have more room. However, we simply have outgrown the concept of getting adjoining rooms now that our family has grown up, and some have married and have children. It has become clear that we need something much larger.

My mother and I decided that we should probably start looking for some beach house rentals. We also planned to cut the costs by having everyone contribute. I immediately hopped on the World-Wide-Web to look for beach house rentals in the town that we always vacation in. However, finding a house to rent was much easier said than done, even if my intentions were good. I did find a lot of advertisements for real estate agencies in the areas. I also wanted to make my own plans because I didn't want to go through an agent.

However, I wasn't very impressed with most of the places that offered beach house rentals. I finally gave in after a few weeks and called a real estate company in the town. I asked them to mail me some information on beach house rentals and anything that would be helpful. I received a package in the mail that contained lots of catalogs, brochures, flyers and information on all of the rentals that they dealt with several days later. I was overwhelmed but confident that we'd find something in the pile that I was trying to organize.

I found that most of the beach house rentals were much more expensive than the hotel rooms that we had outgrown. However, the costs would be reduced because there would be several families staying there. We wanted to find a house that had enough of bedrooms so that everyone had privacy and didn't have to feel so cramped. We can save money on food because all of the beach house rentals had kitchens. We do not have to worry about where we were going to be eating breakfast or dinner on any given day because we could easily cook the majority of the meals.

We quickly learned that you are responsible for your own cleaning with beach house rentals. This is because there is no housekeeping that comes in daily to make your beds and sweep the sand out of the house. You have to do all of that on your own. Fortunately, we were able to find a wonderful beach house that we reserved for our normal vacation week. Im sure that well be returning in the future because it turned out to be absolutely perfect.

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