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Shopping, Whitby Style

Venture down some of Whitby's old cobbled streets and you will find a few surprises. Traditional pubs, cosy cafes and some unusual shops await. It's very easy to spend a whole day exploring the wide variety of shops and eateries (is that a real word?) to be found in this historic, quaint town on the Yorkshire Coast.

Gothic visitors will love the clothes shops where you can buy everything from black (surprise!) leather coats, trousers and shoes to jewellery and Victorian costumes.

Whether it's Sandgate's traditional sweetshop - its walls lined with jars full of sweets - or Whitby's last remaining smokehouse, offering fresh kippers, you will find some unexpected treats in the old town. The Fortune family's smokehouse can be found at the end of a row of fishermen's' cottages on Henrietta street, within sight and sound of the harbour.

Other retail attractions in Whitby include Justin's Dracula-themed fudge shop, where you can treat yourself to Dracula's Dream, Captain Cook's Rum & Raisin or perhaps a man-sized Cannonball. All Justin's chocolates and fudges are made on the premises with top-quality ingredients and his Church Street shop is definitely worth a visit, should you be nearby.

The music-lover is catered for with a few shops selling unusual CDs that you don't see very often (I've spent a fortune in one of them!) - lots of folk music on acid!

The market in the old town is great in Winter (especially towards Christmas time) and, if you've eaten too much and feel guilty, there's even a great shop that sells herbs, essential oils and diverse potions to get your system back on track!

Why not give Whitby shopping a try? I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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