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Music & Whitby - An Unlikely Tradition

Whitby's rich cultural heritage, beautiful location and ample supply of holiday accommodation have all helped to make it an unlikely musical centre, playing host to several major music festivals each year.

These include the biannual Whitby Gothic Weekends which take place in April and at Halloween. Most performances take place in the Whitby Pavilion, and a selection of the best goth bands around turn up to perform twice a year - as do a huge number of dedicated goths from the UK and abroad.

It's at these times of the year that Whitby really comes alive. In fact, the town is so full of Victorian-dressed characters of all ages, together with the ubiquitous Goths, that it almost feels as if you've walked onto the set of a movie!

Another very popular event is the annual Whitby Folk Week, which usually happens in August. Folk Week attracts as many as 600 hundred performers each year, and throughout the week almost every venue in town is in use - from small pubs to the 1000-person capacity Whitby Pavilion.

Other notable musical events include:

  • Musicport (although there are plans to relocate to nearby Bridlington)
  • A world music festival
  • Whitby Gospel Music Convention
  • The Festival of 60s Music
  • The Country Music Weekend
  • The VIP Motown Soul Weekend

All of these musical events take place within the town and the quality of the artists is often world-class.

Hopefully, this has given you a new insight into Whitby and what it has to offer. You know about the history of the town, Captain Cook and the Dracula connection, but its music roots are also a feast for the music connoisseur.

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