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Scotland Golf

If you are an avid golf player, Scotland is the place to go for vacation.

Scotland has some of the best gold courses in the world, with over 540 to choose from. You would only expect the best from the birthplace of the golf sport. Scotland is famous for its abundance of championship courses. Whether you are a serious golfer or just a casual player, you will want to visit this place for a dream vacation.

Many people make the mistake of focusing their attention on Scotlandís famous championship courses. By focusing only on specific courses, you will make the mistake of ignoring all of the other beautiful golf courses available. These courses are not as famous, but it is easier to obtain tee times at these courses. Another advantage of visiting these courses over the famous ones is their green tees are substantially less expensive.

If you plan on traveling to Scotland to play golf, you will need to watch for special offers that regional tourist authorities offer. Sometimes they will sell golf passes that allow you to play at a number of courses at a significant discount. It may even be possible to purchase a weeklong golf pass for the price of a single round on a famous gold course. Being on the lookout for these types of deals will save you a considerable amount of money.

Scotland is a land rich in history, and it has much to offer to tourists besides golf. The many characteristics of the land that make this place ideal for golf also offer nature lovers an ideal setting for sightseeing. Scotland is e a place for the whole family to enjoy. So while you are out enjoying the wonderful, world-renowned golf courses, your family can enjoy the other aspects of this great country.

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