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Dubai Investment Opportunity

As hotel rates in Dubai are second only to that of New York in terms of average daily rates it is clear that for a corporate or holiday traveler to Dubai alternatives such as Shortstay rental have now become a requirement.

The vacation rental market is set to receive a major boost with the handover of the much anticipated Palm Jumeirah Villas and apartments and Jumeirah Beach Residence apartments. All these properties totaling 11,000 units in all will be on the market between December 2006 and February 2007.

With average room rates at $232 US per day presently 1 and 2 bed apartments in Dubai Marina can not only compete with this rate but provide a larger accommodation for those with a family or group.

Presently homeowners are achieving rental returns between 15-18% for Shortstay rentals. Those homeowner in the above mentioned projects should be able to also achieve the same returns due to the strong demand for properties on the beach or associated with a signature project such as the Palm Jumeirah.

Another advantage for holiday rentals is that large families can be accommodated in some of Dubai's most luxurious properties including Jumeirah Islands & The Meadows. Weekly rates for these properties that can accommodate up to 14 people start at $3,800 US. With the Dubai market still in a significant growth phase homeowners and renters alike are benefiting from the new options and strong returns that making renting a villa or apartment on a Shortstay basis in Dubai good for all.

It is anticipated that the Jumeirah Beach Residence and Palm Shoreline apartments will continue the strong 15%+ returns.

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