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Cottages - Unlimited Luxury With Limited Budget

After a long and tiring journey in your caravan or campervan, checking into a hotel and going through endless formalities, is simply irritating and at times excruciating. And if you are one of those who feel the same, then cottages are just what you would love to get in and stay during the time of your tour. That just brings us to the question, what are cottages?

Cottages need no further introduction. They are simply cottages. However the point that differentiates these cottages, where tourists abode during their trip, is the self catering arrangements. These cottages are well furnished and well fitted with all the latest amenities, basic and luxury facilities and everything that you would need to continue a decent or high profile lifestyle.

But the difference is - that you can choose to live in your own terms and conditions. You have all the space to yourself so you can simply ramble around without invading someone else's space. These cottages are like your own home, where you can do what you want to, live like you have to and simply have a wonderful time.

Most of the travellers believe that the self catering cottages are better than the most luxurious of hotel suits and guest house rooms. You get all the benefits of multi star hotels - like luxury bath rooms, plush living rooms and exorbitant bedrooms fit for the most hedonists of travellers. Plus you get beautiful lawns and gardens around your cottage where you can spend the mornings and evenings watching the beautiful sky, the lush green grasses and everything in between.

Travellers today love self catering cottages and as per the data collected on their popularity, most of the tourists prefer them over hotels. They prioritise cottages, not only due to the luxury offered, which is at par, if not more than the hotels, but also because the expenditures on cottages is much less than what one has to spend in hotels.

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