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Beach Haven - St. Petersburg Beach - Still Quaint And Still Pink

The first beachfront hotel that I booked on-line without previously scoping out ended up being e a very relaxing, quiet and romantic stay for a 4-day get-a-way on beautiful Saint Petersburg Beach. A definite consideration for a small family vacation or a weekend romantic retreat on one of the gulf coasts best beaches. Oh yeah, and quite affordable!

The Beach Haven in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida (FL.) in the Tampa Bay area turned out to be a pleasant surprise. My love and I needed a nice quiet place to go to just get away from the rigors of regular life and to bask in each others embrace. There is no place else like a Florida beach and yet it turned out even better with the small cottage I booked for us at Beach Haven. To think I was going to book a boring, plain and standard looking hotel room for 4 days.

Beach Haven fit the occasion and the bill for what the two of us needed. The room was small but cute. I know, I know, I just said cute! Aside from telling my daughter and my love they are cute, I don't use that word for too many things but sorry, yes, it was cute.

I booked the Deluxe Suite and it was $155 per night (for 2, they charge $10 per person per night extra). That was peak season though. You can book the same room for $115 and $95 a night during off-peak seasons. The deposit was also reasonable at $200. Florida vacationers will enjoy colorful art deco style motels which are romantically pink, a gulf front heated pool and palm trees lining the cottages (throw in some white small bulb Christmas type strung lights down the walkways and in the palms). With all that you still can't resist the spectacular sunsets that are a few footsteps away without having to walk through some 20 story buildings bottom floor parking garage to get there.

Beach Haven is conveniently located on Gulf Boulevard of Saint Petersburg Beach and is close to great shopping, dining and entertainment. You can head over to John's Pass for tons of great shops and restaurants as well as wave runner rentals, dolphin tours, fishing charters, sight seeing tours, a casino cruise and a top St. Pete Beach and Tampa Bay area hot spot, Gators! If you want to experience some of the Saint Petersburg Beach night life, head to Gators which is not your typical club. The club plays, well, at least I feel, great live rock and sometimes heavy music and throws in some booty dancing beats late night and is right on the water which you just can't beat.

Now, I have to gloat a little but hang with me. I'll go through my memories of my stay at Beach Haven but it does have a purpose to readers who may choose to stay there.

The idea of writing this review popped into my head because the four days I spent with a woman I am immensely in love with fits right up there with some of the best days of my life. Matter of fact, I can't think of a better feeling I've ever had then those 4 days spent with her other than the morning my little girl was placed into my arms and I held her throughout that day.

From the bottom of my heart, Beach Haven has so far, in a young guys life, without a ton of money, has stapled memories inside me and those 4 days I will never forget.

She and I melded more then we ever had. We laughed and I cooked for her (Ummm! I'm no cook! I'd like to be and it's one of my goals but, no, I'm no cook. But I will be. Some day soon. For her!). I sang for her Tim McGraw's, It's Your Love, while dancing with her on the beach. We went out to John's Pass and Gators and enjoyed each other. She enjoyed me. She's one who has had a hard time doing that in her past but those 4 nights, I saw it in her. She loved every minute on the beach with me, on the docks with me, in the small Jacuzzi tub with me (the cottage was small but still fit in a small Jacuzzi tub), and on the rickety bed with me (or it seemed)!

She, for those four days, reminded me of why I fell in love with her and Beach Haven was a part of that and that is why I wanted to write this review (or article, or short story, whichever you want to call it). Beach Haven, though small, short of space, and doesn't offer even a concierge or, much of anything else you would get in a crappy standard hotel, goes down in my book as just, well, a memory maker. It's a small, nice, quiet, romantic, affordable retreat that hopefully most can enjoy like I know my girl and I did.

Maybe that is it's purpose. Maybe that is why it still exists between multiple story condo buildings and just maybe that is why it is still, after all these years, pink!

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