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The Secrets Of The Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World is a place of fun that shouldn’t burden anyone in terms of finances. There is a specific Disney World resort that could fit into their budget. Even though one could be more posh than the other, family will still enjoy the best of Disney World all the same.

There are four types of Disney World resort and they are divided according to budget:

The Disney Value Resort – Compared to other types of accommodations, this is the cheapest compared to other resorts. The resorts go in this category are the Disney’s Pop Century Resort, All Star Movies Resort, All Star Music Resort, and All Sport’s Resort. These colorful resorts are perfect for budget hunters who wanted to experience the magic of Disneyworld.

Disney Moderate Resort - As of this writing, the lowest price per room in this type of resort are from $145.00. These resorts feature great dining experience for the whole family at a good location. These resorts are: Caribbean Beach Resort, Coronado Springs Resort, and the two Port Orleans Resorts.

The Disney Deluxe Resorts – With superb facilities and strategic locations that are near to most theme parks, these resorts offers very competitive hotel experience. There are also facilities for the kids to enjoy at any time of the day. Some of the hotels in this category are: Animal Kingdom Lodge, Polynesian Resort and the Boardwalk Inn. Most of the resorts are in this category.

Deluxe Villa Resorts – These resorts offer the best of everything in Disney accommodation. The Villas are really spacious with amenities that are top of the line. There are common and individual recreational facilities that a family can enjoy. Location wise you’ll be practically looking over famous spots such as the castle in Magic Kingdom. Some of these resorts are the Animal Kingdom Villas, Beach Club Villas, and Boardwalk Villas.

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